If your dog’s behavior is leaving you frustrated, or you want to take your agility to the next level, we can put you on the right track. All of our classes use proven, positive reinforcement dog training methods to help you communicate with your dog. Whether you want basic manners, some serious off leash control, or an agility master, our positive reinforcement dog training curriculum is designed for your piece of mind. Let us help you get the behaviors you need from your dog.


All training classes are held at 1403F Highway 66 South, Kernersville, NC 27284 unless otherwise noted.



Train & Play

Our trainer will work one-on-one with your dog during the day. We can work on a variety of behavioral concerns, from basic manners to complicated problems. We devise a plan that’s best suited for you. Every training session includes a progress update detailing the behaviors worked on as well as advice on how to continue training at home. DAY RATE: $35 plus day care fee. PACKAGES: starting at $475.


Obedience classes

Our obedience classes are designed to build confidence and success with general canine behaviors. Classes are 1 hour each week for 6 weeks, $125.


Obedience 1: Learn basic manners, attention, name responsiveness, sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it and foundations for coming when called and loose leash walking. We address undesired behaviors like barking and jumping.


Obedience 2: Expand on skills learned in Obedience 1,

with the addition of duration and distractions for previously learned cues for stay, wait and leave it. We will also focus on recall and loose leash walking.


Obedience 3: Expand on skills learned in Obedience 2,

plus additional work on control around distractions as well as the beginning of off leash work. This class prepares the handler and dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.


canine good citizen

Is your dog a Good Citizen? Join us for a CGC Test to find out! The AKC created this certification to evaluate dogs in a relaxed environment that stimulates real world situations. Dogs are held to very high standards in how they react in such scenarios. NOTE: Any dog can take the CGC test, your dog does not need to be an AKC-registered dog.


Loose Leash Walking

Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? Our Loose Leash Walking Class is designed to help owners take control when walking their dogs. We will work on heeling, leash control and response to distractions. 3 weeks, $75.


Rapid Recall

Does your dog come when called? Rapid Recall will work on establishing a rock solid recall, getting your dog to turn on a dime when their name is called. 3 weeks, $75.


Tricks! Class*

Learn exciting tricks to show family and friends or use in your Canine Freestyle and Freestyle Disc routine. Each class is unique and owners choose from our list of tricks. All tricks can be modified for your dog’s skill set. Tricks range from the conventional roll over and high five to more impressive jumping through your arms, skateboarding or putting away their toys. 4 weeks, $100.

*AKC Trick Dog Test Certification available.


Disc Class

Dogs and handlers will learn the basics for the sport of Disc. How to catch, drop on cue, put the disc in your hand and more! Along with the basic understanding of the sport, we will incorporate exciting disc games to enjoy at home. 4 weeks, $100.


dock diving

With our new dock diving facility, get ready to JUMP! We offer dock rental, group swims and dock diving lessons. Please call for pricing and additional information.

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